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Agnieszka Weinar: Role of media in the portrayal of the refugee crisis (Video)

Dr. Agnieszka Weinar is a Marie Curie fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence, and a Visiting Researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa. Her current research interests address external aspects of EU migration policy and include questions of Europeanization in the EU neighbourhood, global human capital flows, labour migration to the EU, emigration from the EU, return migration, as well as migration and development agenda. She visited the University of Alberta on November 18, 2015, where she gave a public lecture on change and continuity in the European migration policy post-2012...

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Sileshi Yilma Reta: The BBC’s biased framing of North African migration to Europe


Mass media play a pivotal role in constructing and shaping the migration discourse. The stereotypical depiction of migrants by the media has been a source of debate by various researchers, who criticize the media establishment for focusing too much on trivial issues and ignoring the underlying causes of migration. Researchers, such as Thorbjornsrud (2015), argue that the issue of migration has been drawn by the media through the ''narrative of illegality'' by mirroring the opinions as well as proposals of principal political organs (p...

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