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Srdja Pavlovic: Refugees Ante Portas: Reflections on Strategies of Accommodation in the Age of Disposable Life

The ongoing refugee crisis has significant impact on the framework the European Union applies in order to coordinate and develop border management for member states as well as on the migration processes within the EU itself. Established as the EU agency in 2004 and tasked with helping border authorities from different EU countries work together, FRONTEX is seeing its fundamental premises tested and questioned on a daily basis.

In truth, it is nothing new to argue that the idea about the uninterrupted movement of people within the EU has been plagued by contradictions from the early days of the European Union...

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Nicole Lugosi: Hungary’s unsurprising response to the 2015 migration crisis in Europe: Right wing populism hijacks post-9/11 discourse

Since summer there has been intense spotlight on the migration crisis in Europe. The numbers of migrants fleeing poverty and conflict from Syria, North Africa, and Afghanistan are staggering. In December the International Organization for Migration estimated that approximately 909 000 migrants and refugees have crossed European borders in 2015. Many are fleeing war-torn Syria, where ISIS-led violence has reached catastrophic levels for civilians. The international community has been very critical of Hungary's less than friendly response...

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Matus Misik: The flawed logic of Central European solidarity

The current refugee crisis indicates that Visegrád countries are only interested in such form of solidarity that is beneficial for them and refuse any shared responsibility for issues that are challenging for the rest of EU member states,

At least since 2009 Central European (CE) countries have been talking a lot about solidarity within the European Union. Caused by a dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the price, the gas crisis that left this part of Europe without the main source of natural gas for several days served as a trigger for solidarity calls at the EU level...

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David Wineroither: More refugees, more Europe!

History tends to repeat itself, and this is certainly the case all over this planet when it comes to migration. I come from Austria, a small republic in the Alps and the old heartland of Central Europe. My home town is known for being the city with the highest proportion of foreigners, many of them Turkish and from the Western Balkans. I grew up with this piece of knowledge.

It was much later that I learned of another and much larger wave of immigration of foreigners that had taken place just a few decades earlier...

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Sileshi Yilma Reta: The BBC’s biased framing of North African migration to Europe


Mass media play a pivotal role in constructing and shaping the migration discourse. The stereotypical depiction of migrants by the media has been a source of debate by various researchers, who criticize the media establishment for focusing too much on trivial issues and ignoring the underlying causes of migration. Researchers, such as Thorbjornsrud (2015), argue that the issue of migration has been drawn by the media through the ''narrative of illegality'' by mirroring the opinions as well as proposals of principal political organs (p...

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Dr. Beat Nobs: Switzerland and the refugee crisis (Video)

Dr. Beat Nobs, Ambassador of Switzerland to Canada and the Bahamas, visited the University of Alberta campus on November 17, 2015.

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William Anselmi: Hospitality – the liquid cemetery, a picture

My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.
Vice President Dick Cheney, March 16, 2003.
The damage has been done; so welcome.
Welcome. Let us offer our welcome to the new and forgotten. Whatever appears, what we can touch, the presence we feel belonging as we belong. What faces us, the horizon, assumes a form that reflects me. I would not recognize myself were it not for this possibility: in passing in time, I cannot help but being elsewhere as here opens. Not only am I you – we exist only in passing – not one moment of existence is frozen in time...

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Jelena Macura: Sharing is not caring

The media is dangerous. It has this innate power to persuade and perpetuate certain mentalities. It thrives off of one sensational word, or line, and it strings together elaborate prose that attracts the attention of readers around the globe. This proves to be an issue when looking at the coverage of the current European Union migrant crisis. There is this profound ignorance abundant that fails to recognize the heterogeneous composition of this mass influx of migrants. Yes, there are refugees...

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Megan Butler: Traveling through South Eastern and Central Europe during the refugee crisis

I am sharing a personal experience that I had over the summer as a simple tourist. I am a third-generation Canadian-born nursing student, in my third year at the University of Alberta. I traveled alone from Greece to Poland, taking mainly trains and buses, which allowed me to see a raw part of the countries that many tourists miss. On July 12, 2015 I set off for Budapest, a city recommended by handfuls of other tourists like myself: white, English-speaking, fun-seeking and privileged. What I learned from my experience on a train from Belgrade, Serbia to Budapest, Hungary was completely unexpected and mind-blowing...

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