Refugee integration

Natalie Kononenko & Asad Makhani: The refugee family – Issue of adjustment (Video)

Dr. Natalie Kononenko is Kule Chair in Ukrainian Ethnography and Professor of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, and Asad Makhani is an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. Learn more about Dr. Kononenko's research here.

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Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika & Sophie Yohani: Some reflections on psychosocial supports for refugees (Video)

Dr. Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika is a Professor in Women's and Gender Studies, and Dr. Sophie Yohani is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta. You can learn more about Dr. Okeke-Ihejirika's research on this page, and Dr. Yohani's research here.

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Srdja Pavlovic: Refugees Ante Portas: Reflections on Strategies of Accommodation in the Age of Disposable Life

The ongoing refugee crisis has significant impact on the framework the European Union applies in order to coordinate and develop border management for member states as well as on the migration processes within the EU itself. Established as the EU agency in 2004 and tasked with helping border authorities from different EU countries work together, FRONTEX is seeing its fundamental premises tested and questioned on a daily basis.

In truth, it is nothing new to argue that the idea about the uninterrupted movement of people within the EU has been plagued by contradictions from the early days of the European Union...

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