Nicole Lugosi: Hungary’s unsurprising response to the 2015 migration crisis in Europe: Right wing populism hijacks post-9/11 discourse

Since summer there has been intense spotlight on the migration crisis in Europe. The numbers of migrants fleeing poverty and conflict from Syria, North Africa, and Afghanistan are staggering. In December the International Organization for Migration estimated that approximately 909 000 migrants and refugees have crossed European borders in 2015. Many are fleeing war-torn Syria, where ISIS-led violence has reached catastrophic levels for civilians. The international community has been very critical of Hungary's less than friendly response...

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Lorna Sutherland: Keleti Station, and a presentation in Budapest (September 2015)

I was to present in Budapest. I have recently travelled to several countries to talk about my research on friendship, and on the way to Hungary I would meet with family in Scotland. Two days prior to my departure I made a decision not to go. I pulled out of the conference, which seemed to send shock waves across the ocean when my relatives who were going to pick me up at Edinburgh airport heard of my decision. My timing was off perhaps, but whatever the reason, it didn’t feel right; my decision to withdraw was sudden, intuitive...

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Megan Butler: Traveling through South Eastern and Central Europe during the refugee crisis

I am sharing a personal experience that I had over the summer as a simple tourist. I am a third-generation Canadian-born nursing student, in my third year at the University of Alberta. I traveled alone from Greece to Poland, taking mainly trains and buses, which allowed me to see a raw part of the countries that many tourists miss. On July 12, 2015 I set off for Budapest, a city recommended by handfuls of other tourists like myself: white, English-speaking, fun-seeking and privileged. What I learned from my experience on a train from Belgrade, Serbia to Budapest, Hungary was completely unexpected and mind-blowing...

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